Don't Think... Drink!

Don't Think... Drink!

Music. Art. Photography. Frustrated Skateboarder and Writer. Prankster wanna-be. Guitars. Jackass. Linkin Park. CKY. Gnarkill. Iron Man. Knoxville. Tremaine. Margera. McGhehey. Raab. DiCamillo. Shinoda. Delson. Bennington. Downey.

I am one of the coolest and weirdest people you'll ever meet.

Fuck yeah! UH-HUH!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. DiCamillo! :)

October 2014

Brandon DiCamillo is getting married this October 2014!!!!

Congratulations, Bran! :)




the feels…

this made me happy

This is greatt

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I skipped 3 seasons of Ally McBeal just to watch Robert Downey Jr…

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